Plans & Subscriptions

Make the most of your Abode system

Get comprehensive security coverage, intelligent video, immediate alerts, and customizable features for just a few cents a day.

Secure & Affordable Peace of Mind

Tailored Recording

Choose event-based highlights for efficiency or opt for 24/7 recording with 10 days of video history for comprehensive coverage.

Advanced Awareness

Elevate your security with smart alerts from security cameras and immediate notifications including triggered device names.

Beyond Security

Experience more than just security with Abode – enjoy smart home control and significant home insurance discounts.

Security That Pays For Itself

Most Abode users save more on their insurance policy than the cost of their service plan

  • Qualify for a significant discount on homeowner and renter policies
  • Unlock additional savings with environmental sensors for water and fire
  • We will find all the discounts you qualify for and work to apply them

UK-Based Monitoring

Our UK-based monitoring center watches over your system 24/7

  • We dispatch police when your alarm is triggered for a break-in
  • We send the appropriate help for fire emergencies, too
  • Get professional monitoring without the inflexible contracts

Stay Updated, Even Post-Event

Our event-based history ensures you never miss key moments. Easily revisit the timeline for important events. Say goodbye to tedious footage reviews – our system intuitively highlights the crucial events for you on a simple timeline.

AI Vision: Packages, Pets & People

Abode’s Smart AI Detection revolutionizes home monitoring. Instantly recognize package deliveries, monitor your pets, and identify people with tailored alerts. This advanced technology offers peace of mind by keeping you informed about daily activities and security, ensuring that you’re always in the know, effortlessly.